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Uncle Z’s pepper sauce finds its’ origins in traditional Liberian Cuisine. Traditional Liberian Cuisine is organic and generally utilizes a variety of local staples.

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All spices are made fresh in our Kitchen, and are made with all-natural, all organic ingredients.

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I tried the pepper and  Kitily Sauce today it was on the money. Thanks so much. I will promote your business to all my friends.

Ingrid - McDonough, GA, Customer

I’ve tried the African Bird Pepper Powder and it is different and delicious.

Anna - Woodbridge, VA, Customer

A perfect blend of natural spices that adds flavor to your meals.  This is exactly what I use to marinate whatever I grill.  Uncle Z’s spices are awesome.

Nicolas - Apple Valley, MN, Customer

Uncle Z’s Pepper Sauce give that extra boost as he promised.

Kemah - Amsterdam, Netherlands, Customer

Excellent!  The Kitily is a KILLER with everything! OMG!

Vicky - Newark, NJ, Customer

Thanks for my shipment.  I’ve had two different meals with my pepper sauce.  It’s so delicious.  Well seasoned.  I’m a very happy new customer.

Fatima - Richmond, TX, Customer

Shout out to my Rotary Brother – Zack Miller!  He’s passionate about people and his many business interests. I ordered three different bottles of his world famous hot sauce last night and he dropped it at my door this morning! Great products!!

Jack - Norman, OK, Customer

I bought the mild pepper sauce with the turmeric flavor.  It was really delicious and I love that I could result blend it with just about any of my meals.  I definitely will be ordering a few more in a few weeks!

Samson - Charlotte, NC, Customer

I just came from work and try pepper and Kitily sauce, taste so good.  dry rice medicine.

Famatta - Newark, DE, Customer

I cooked with Uncle Z spices daily… I have been eating healthy and walking…all I do cut my meat products and apply Uncle Z spices.  Great stuff!

Eugene - Corona, CA, Customer

Thank you for the new line of Seasoned Kitily Powder,  had to wait on my dinner to put it to test.  It came in a tampered resistant seal which impressed me a lot. I had chicken with Mack and Cheese for dinner… Your spice pass the test in colors.  I had to top it off with the African Bird Pepper (my favorite).  Great spices!

Spencer - Oklahoma City, OK, Customer

Great stuff. I love them.

Rose , Upper Marlboro, MD, Customer

My sons and I can’t eat noodles without your ground pepper!  We absolutely love it!

Matilda - Corona, CA, Customer

The African Bird Pepper Powder is my favorite.

Susan - Norman, OK, Customer

The seasoned pepper powder is my FAVORITE!  Tasty with KICK!  I put it on almost everything!  From fruits to cooked food.  I have a bottle in my lunch bag.

Widi - Mansfield, TX, Customer

I had to try my Uncle Z Spices last night,  so made some Liberian dry rice with smoked fish and smoked salt pork, let me tell you’ll my pepo-it was sooo delicious! I stir some Kitily up in my rice, and added some Mango & Pineapple pepper sauce and some Boney powder.  The only thing I didn’t have was some fresh red palm oil and really didn’t need it with these spices, and didn’t miss it either.

Olivia Winifred - Knightdale, NC, Customer

The pepper powder is great.. sprinkled on boiled eggs and freshly popped popcorn.

Gail - Queens, NY, Customer

The pepper sauce is very good, in-fact everything!

Amanda - Fairfield, CA, Customer

I recommend everyone to try Uncle Z’s pepper sauce.

Meneco - Oklahoma City, OK, Customer

We ordered the HOT pepper sauce, and can’t get enough. It is delicious and we ordered 6 more jars!! It goes well with EVERYTHING! It’s just right… we have to keep it stocked!!! Uncle Z Spice is on point!!

Sacramento, CA

Crystal - Sacramento, CA, Customer

The pepper sauce is very, very, very good!  I’m telling you the truth.

Helena - Oklahoma City, OK, Customer


Bell peppers

One medium-sized red bell pepper provides 169% of the Reference Daily Intake (RDI) for Vitamin C. Pyridoxine is the most common type of Vitamin B6, which is a family of nutrients important for the formation of red blood cells.

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“Over the years I spent a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with various spices which I incorporated in the meals I cooked, creating very flavorful and savory meals. ”

Zack Miller, Founder

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