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History of Uncle Z

My name is Doug Z Miller. I am a man of God, a husband and father. My family and close friends affectionately call me ‘Uncle Z’, and because I love that nickname, I named my business Uncle Z Spice, dba: Uncle Z’s Pepper Sauce Plus (my signature sauce).

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My passion and love of cuisine as a hobby and for leisure began at a very young age, growing up in a large family of six girls and two boys.

Over the years I spent a lot of time in the kitchen experimenting with various spices which I incorporated in the meals I cooked, creating very flavorful and savory meals. This ability of mine did not go unnoticed by my mother who requested that I personally cook for her on weekends when I was at home. It was during that time that I started experimenting with making hot pepper sauce to compliment my dishes and in my early twenties began preserving it in glass jars for easier access.

When I later started college in Liberia while working a full-time job, I would cook from scratch meals over the weekends and open my home to my friends to partake of my culinary creations. My friends enjoyed my meals so much they made it a habit to come over to my home every weekend. They knew that so long I was home; a tasty meal was available, and they were always welcome to come and grab something to eat.

After I got married and moved to the United States in the early 1990s, I continued making my pepper sauce for my family and friends only. On April 21, 2017, my daughter Maite graduated from College, and at her celebration party we held at our home in Oklahoma City, our immediate family (including my mother-in-law and sister-in-law) were present. One of the items on the menu was delicious baked fish accompanied by my pepper sauce which my mother-in law (a great cook herself) enjoyed very much. It was a hit! I had never seen her consume food like this before. We all enjoyed the sauce that day and others at the celebration loved the sauce so much they asked me, “How did you do it?” or, “How did you make it?”

After that party, my wife Peteryne inspired me to share my passion with the world. At first, I dismissed the idea as I have a full-time business to run as well as other community commitments and involvements in several groups. I continued to sleep on the thought of creating yet another business of selling pepper sauce, but my wife continued pressing the issue and told me, “I’m your customer, listen to me. I like the product”.

I later started testing the waters by giving samples of my sauce to friends and family who immediately started asking me for more sauce as well as my recipe. When I informed my wife of this, she advised that I keep my recipe secret and instead profit from this unique and God given product I had patiently and passionately developed over the years.

On February 6, 2018 I finally decided to turn my passion into this business called Uncle Z Spice.


The origins of Uncle Z Pepper sauce.

Liberia is a tropical nation located on the Coast of West Africa with an abundance of rain forest. Traditional Liberian cuisine generally utilizes rice, plantains, yucca, yam and sweet potatoes as staples that accompany a variety of savory sauces and stews. Our all organic dishes incorporate lots of vegetable such as okra, various leafy greens, bitter balls (a small vegetable like eggplant) mixed with meat (beef, goat and chicken).

Liberia’s Coastal position on the Atlantic Ocean affords us an abundance of seafood options that we also incorporate in our delicious dishes, including our famous fufu and soup. Because of Liberia’s climate and mineral rich soil in which they’re grown, the spices and herbs are particularly aromatic and flavorful. Liberian stews are often spiced with Habanero and scotch bonnet chilies and eaten mainly on top of steamed rice.

Uncle Z’s pepper products which originated in our family kitchen utilizes herbs and spices from Liberia’s rich culture. It is all natural and freshly made. Uncle Z hand selects the best produce available, purchased from various farmers’ markets in Oklahoma and other States. Uncle Z’s sauce contains no additives, no MSG and no preservatives.

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Are you getting hungry yet?

Uncle Z believes that good food begins with the best ingredients and the right combinations of herbs. Uncle Z prides himself in creating one of the best tasting boosters in the industry and affirms that his pepper sauce will give your food outstanding taste and flavor. You can serve it on the side; use it as a rub or a marinade. Regardless of the type of meal or time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, Uncle Z’s pepper will tantalize your taste buds and add exciting taste to each meal.

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Our Vision

To become a prominent household name and have our products readily available to many homes from local and international stores. That spice lovers of all ethnicities and backgrounds will incorporate this perfect blend of spices in their daily meal preparations and have our products present at many family tables.

Mission Statement

Bringing Uncle Z’s distinct flavor and ultimate taste to kitchens and dining tables across the globe.
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